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Martini Hospital pop-up VR theatre!

How cool is that! We transformed the Martini Hospital for one evening into a large scale pop-up dome theatre to create an immersive VR live experience like never seen before! We offered 20 patients inside the Martini Hospital a VR experience they will never forget! This in close […]

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Horus VR present at Laval VR 2019 in France

Last week was Horus VR present with the Twente WTC and VR Days Europe to showcase VRiend at the 21st international Exhibition and Conference on VR/AR & Immersive Techniques in Laval, France! The Exhibition space is the largest trade floor dedicated to VR/AR worldwide. Laval is a [...]
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A great Christmas Story made in VR!

We teamed up with MartiniPlaza (state-of-the-art event arena) and the Martini Burn Center to do something special for hospitalised people during Christmas. Both venues are located just a mile away from each other. But for for the patients a no-go because they are not able to leave […]

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Zorgbalans provides elderly people a day trip in VR

Together with our friends from VRRoom we were asked to demonstrate VR and what the effect is at elderly people.  Together with Zorgbalans, an organisation how organises day time activities for elderly people, we made a selection sample vidoes from our extensive VR library. This  to be sure the [...]
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VRiend keynote at VR healthcare summit 2018

Horus VR was present at the VR simulation in healthcare summit 2018 in London. Our keynote got a lot of interest and during the day our booth was overwhelmed with people who would like to have more information and would like to test VRiend! So VRiend will be [...]
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Laurentius Hospital starts using VR to inform and prepare patients.

The Laurentius Hospital started to use Virtual Reality to prepare patients before their hospital stay or hospital treatment will start! Therefore we built two unique VR experiences to inform and train patients. One of them is tailored to minimalize any stress and anxiety by younger patinets before […]

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VRiend at the Canadian Interface Summit

In October we were present at the Canadian Interface Summit  in Vancouver. We showcased VRiend and explored what the possibillities were to find a Canadian distributor.VRiend got a lot of interest sowe are absolutely sure VRiend will make some Canadian friends in the nearby future. The INTERFACE […]

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DigiMedical becomes our Belgium VRiend distributor!

We are very proud we could assign DigiMedical as the exclusive distributor and sales partner for the Belgium health care market. We are really looking forward working closely together with Alain Soetaert and his dedicated team in Belgium!

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HorusVR Experience

We are a world class & state of the art VR development company, enabling companies worldwide to profit from VR technology. We take Virtual Reality [VR] technology to the next level.