A great Christmas Story made in VR!

We teamed up with MartiniPlaza (state-of-the-art event arena) and the Martini Burn Center to do something special for hospitalised people during Christmas. Both venues are located just a mile away from each other. But for for the patients a no-go because they are not able to leave the Hospital because of their illness.

We came up with the idea to capture the Christmas Story in Virtual Reality performed in MartinaPlaza by Marcel Hensema. Marcel Hensema is famous Dutch actor and comedian who created his own special version of the traditional Christmas Story. On top of this Marcel visited the Martini Hospital to present the VR device to hospitalised people himself!

A great collaboration and should be the start of an extensive collaboration to stream live great performances, musicals and live sports events held in the MartiniPlaza to the nearby Martini Hospital more often in the near future! Keep you posted about this.

In the news:

DVHN – Christmas Story in VR by Marcel Hensema

DVHN – Hospitalised but able to leave to hospital to visit the MartiniPlaza

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