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About us

Horus VR is a world class & state of the art VR development company, enabling companies worldwide to profit from VR technology.

Our focus is to supply our clients with proven, user friendly and affordable VR ecosystems to create impactful VR experiences themselves.


What we do? For example:

• 8K VR Live streams of high profile sports& music events;

• bringing hospitalized kids back to school with a low latency VR livestream;

• calm down stressed patients with VR experiences;

• train and inform people before they are going to start their new jobs;

• large scale VR dome projections to create you concerthall in your backyard…

We bring VR really to the next level!


We always keep in mind that our innovative solutions must be robust, effective, user friendly, scalable and must have a very limited integration time in daily work flows. This is key for us!

Together with our inhouse development team and  trusted partners we are busy with the development of new solutions and to improve current applications. Besides this we take all feedback and input given by our clients very seriously and we add new functionality to our current solutions on a regular base.

Our VR solutions are being used globally. Therefore, we have assigned a network of sales consultants & highly skilled trainers to stay in close contact and being your nearby partner.


We are proud to work with clients like these:


In close collaboration with our professional partners we developed 2 solutions: VRiend and VR-Macy


VRiend is our VR application to bring hospitalized people back in contact with their beloved ones outside the hospital!

VRiend uses a closed secure end-to-end ecosystem exist of a custom-built VR camera and a bespoke low latency streaming platform.

You can choose to use your own wifi network or to use the built in 4G modem. This means your VRiend camera will be mobile and allows you to use the camera wherever there is 4G or wifi coverage!


VR-Macy is our VR video library tailored for cure and care purposes like training, relaxation, distraction and instructing patients.

This including a platform to create, enrich and host your own VR-Macy content!

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HorusVR Experience

We are a world class & state of the art VR development company, enabling companies worldwide to profit from VR technology. We take Virtual Reality [VR] technology to the next level.