Two great projects for T-Mobile!

T-Mobile presented VRiend as one of the key projects in the CSR program of T-Mobile during their internal Town Call meeting last week! Our main objective is to explore how we can make VRiend more robust and even smarter. I’m really looking forward to this close collaboration with T-Mobile making VRiend the smartest video based situational awareness device for remote monitoring applications!

Icing on the cake was the guided tour via a Horus VR livestream by T-Mobile’s CEO Soren Abildgaard. All T-Mobile employees were able to virtually visit the new entrance of the T-Mobile HQ by using the custom VR cardboards. The response was great and people were excited they finally could virtual visit their workplace even due the current COVID measures.

Also interested in the VRiend project or want to stay in contact with your remote colleagues/employees via a VR livestream? Give us a call!


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