New Strategic Partnership Announcement

VR Medics and Horus VR are teaming up in Belgium!

Horus VR is thrilled to announce they have teamed up with VR Medics to supply the Belgian healthcare market with their innovative VR solutions! VR Medics is a true specialist and well introduced in the Belgian healthcare system. VR Medics will be the preferred Horus VR partner for all Belgian related business inquiries per September 1st. The full Horus VR product line including VRide and VRiend will be part of this partnership agreement.

VRiend is a very innovative social VR solution to reunite patients with relatives outside the hospital. For example connecting Covid19 patients with their families at home in real time in virtual reality. VRiend is awarded last December as the best Dutch 5G innovation of 2019.

VRide is the latest VR innovation of Horus VR and motivates patients to move more often during hospital treatments. With the help of VR technology, a professional ergometer and an interactive bike along video experience we create an immersive and entertraining experience. This makes VRide a perfect combination of exercising and being entertained during for example, haemodialysis treatments.

“We truly believe Marc and his team will be the perfect partner for us in Belgium. Marc is a true VR professional and has a big network in the Belgian cure and care industry. We are looking forward to make this partnership a great success.” Bas Beukers, CCO, Horus VR.

Please have look at their website!

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