VRiend at Revalidatie Friesland!

We were honored we got invited at the Revalidatie Friesland. Revalidatie Friesland is a very large rehabilitation organization in Friesland. For people who need medical specialized rehabilitation they can go to the 11 locations throughout in Friesland!

During the “Cornelia launch party” we brought in our VR health Roadshow including our VR dome tent – a massive unique VR experience , VRide bike – an interactive VR bike along experience, VR-Macy image library with VR entertrainment experiences  and of course VRiend the ultimate social VR platform to reconnect patients with their friends and relaitives in the outside world!

Did they like it? Find attached …

If you are interested to get inspired what VR could do for your (health) organization pls. drop us a message and in just 4 hours we bring you up to speed with the latest in VR technology.


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