Horus VR started the collaboration with Yarden (one the biggest players in the Dutch funeral industry) in the beginning of 2019. The idea is to enable relatives and family members who are not able to attend the funeral service due private circumstances or the current Corona virus measures to have a virtual “being there” experience.
Yarden is now using the Horus VR livestreaming platform to set up the livestreams and the recordings themself. And they recorded and streamed already over 500 funerals since the beginning of 2020!
With the growing interest from all over the world, it is now the time to scale up this concept. Therefore, we teamed up with Jetstream and Bano. Both are very professional and reliable partners who have a very long track record in livestreaming and facilitating companies with cutting edge AV solutions.
Please have a look at www.onlineuitvaarten.nl or drop me an email!! (info@horus-vr.com)

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