DNK kicks off Veatre project

We are proud to announce the collaboration with DNK. DNK is a very large cultural hotspot in Assen, hosting a conference center, cinema, library but also a large scaled theatre. Together with DNK we will start the very ambitious VEATRE project – offering people a virtual front row live theatre experience.

Due Corona measures theatres are very limited in selling tickets. The capacity of theatre seats is still the same but not all seats can be sold due the required distance precautions. Besides this potential visitors could be afraid being part of a larger group of people and that could scare them off buying tickets!

Our idea is to offer an immersive virtual front row live experience. On top of this livestream we will offer some extra VIP features like a meet & greet after the show, back stage footage and even a (paid) recording after the show . We will do some testing with in-stream functionality like adding this song to your Spotify playlist. We could even think about in-stream purchases for example merchandise, the recording or even a ticket for the next show.

So now, sold out is not a barrier anymore and people can watch the show in their own safe environment. We think DNK created a structural additional revenue stream. Not only during the Corona pandemic but VEATRE could be a structural, additional & futureproof virtual theatre experience!

We will start with 2 live-shows Aug. 27 and streams this directly to peoples mobile devices and VR-glasses. For more information and to book your tickets …


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