Zorgbalans provides elderly people a day trip in VR

Together with our friends from VRRoom we were asked to demonstrate VR and what the effect is at elderly people.  Together with Zorgbalans, an organisation how organises day time activities for elderly people, we made a selection sample vidoes from our extensive VR library. This  to be sure the content is suitable for this vulnerable targetgroup.

And they simply loved it! We took them to the Keukenhof for a virtual  tour through the tulip fields, tips given by an expert how the take care of your orchids. This all with the help of state of the art VR technology. One of person was a former architect and we showed him back stage one of the biggest building projects in the Netherlands. He was totally blown away by this experience.

This special project was also covered in the local news paper. So the link below


HorusVR Experience

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