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Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen and the Belgium telecom operator Telenet are testing the Horus VR Experience “Vriendje” to take patients who are staying in hospital for long periods to another place, virtually. Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen and Telenet have already carried out successful tests in the hospital’s paediatric department. […]

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DNK kicks off Veatre project

We are proud to announce the collaboration with DNK. DNK is a very large cultural hotspot in Assen, hosting a conference center, cinema, library but also a large scaled theatre. Together with DNK we will start the very ambitious VEATRE project – offering people a virtual front […]

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WZA Hospital & VRiend

WZA Hospital started using VRiend Great to see that Wilhelmina Hospital Assen are testing VRiend where its made for! Reconnecting hospitalized children with their families at home and friends at school! The bigger goal is to reduce the feeling of loneliness and let them smile for a […]

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New Strategic Partnership Announcement

VR Medics and Horus VR are teaming up in Belgium! Horus VR is thrilled to announce they have teamed up with VR Medics to supply the Belgian healthcare market with their innovative VR solutions! VR Medics is a true specialist and well introduced in the Belgian healthcare […]

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We did it! A next generation VR Experience!

We did it!!! A low latency VR livestream over (real) 5G directly into our dome theatre. Not an ordinary VR live broadcast but we virtually connected the town hall of The Hague with the T-Mobile HQ. This via a live interactive Q&A session without any noticeable latency. […]

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VRiend part of the GSMA’s Ministerial Programme

We got invited to showcase VRiend during the GSMA Ministerial programme at the MWC conference in Barcelona! MWC is the largest mobile event in the world. The GSMA’s prestigious Ministerial Programme brings together the most influential telecommunications leaders, ministers and global CEO’s from across the world to […]

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VRide in the news!

Together with the Deventer Hospital we started a Virtual Reality proving ground in May 2018. In close collaboration with Bart Talens and his team of healthcare professionals we developed several VR applications. This resulted in 5 practical VR use cases to inform, distract, reconnect (VRiend) and even […]

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Avans University & Amstelring starting with VRiend!

Avans University chooses to use VRiend in their Get-Lab. Get-Lab is the cure and care technology proving ground of Avans University. Their focus is to make students cure and care professionals aware of new technologies, how they work and how you could integrate them. Besides this Amstelring, […]

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VRiend was present at the WVRIC in China!

Horus VR got invited by Laval Asia to showcase VRiend during the World VR Innovation Conference in Qingdao. Qingdao is one of the VR hotspots in China and during the WVRIC conference and exhibition they offered a great variety of international VR showcases. Horus VR is very […]

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HorusVR Experience

We are a world class & state of the art VR development company, enabling companies worldwide to profit from VR technology. We take Virtual Reality [VR] technology to the next level.